Rights & Responsibilities

Together, students, parents*, teachers, staff and administrators share the responsibility in creating and sustaining an environment that enhances student achievement and well-being in the Northshore School District. The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook addresses:

  • The rights and responsibilities of students
  • Conduct which may require corrective action
  • Responsibilities of administrators and teachers to implement corrective action, which includes behavioral supports and interventions that promote safety and support student success
  • Administrative responsibilities for due process

Please read these Rights and Responsibilities and develop a thorough understanding of the details. By following the Rights and Responsibilities, you can help our school district become a safer and more supportive environment for the students and staff.

NSD Board Policies are available for review online.

*'Parents' as used throughout this document refers to parents and/or legal guardians

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Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

Filing a Complaint

Students who believe they have experienced discrimination, harassment, intimidation, hazing or bullying, may file a complaint directly with any school staff member, file a complaint using an online formfile a complaint by email, or file a complaint by calling or texting 855-521-2665. Complaints can be filed anonymously. Complaint forms can be found at every school office.