Options for High School & Beyond Fair

SAVE THE DATE: April 17, 2025, 6-7:30pm

Everyone's path in this life is unique. Not one of us gets to the same destination the same way. And guess what? That's ok!

This page is a fantastic place to learn about - or more about - those in-district and out-of-district options available to students struggling with high school completion.


Below is a video (41:28) from the April 18th Options Fair with a:

  1. Special introduction by former NSD student, Che Teeters, Open Doors graduate, Class of 2021.
  2. Brief overview of each re-engagement program.
  • To view the Options Fair 2024 slideshow, click HERE.
  • To view the Options Fair website, click HERE.



Program Types

Contact Info

Alt. Options Coordinator
Devin Blanchard, Counselor

Devin Blanchard