Parking & Transportation

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures


Student Drop-off Location Reminder

Due to safety concerns, we have worked with the City of Kenmore to relocate the student drop-off and pick-up area. Parents are not allowed to drop-off or pick-up their students at the main entrance or near the bus loading zone, before or after the school day.

  • For student drop-off and pick-up, parents MUST use NE 157th St. to enter school grounds.
  • Parents will use NE St. to exit ONLY.
  • NO drop-off or pick-up will be allowed at the NE 155th St. entrance. Only buses and those with assigned parking (as identified by a parking pass) will be allowed to enter campus at NE 155th St.

Also: White lines marking aStay Clear” area have been painted around the intersection leading to the bus loading zone. This intersection must not be blocked at any time. Please remain outside the white lines until traffic in front of you clears the intersection area.

First page of the PDF file: IHS_StudentDropOff

Campus Parking

Student Parking

Parking Registration

Parking Passes are sold out for the 2019-2020 School Year. 

2019-2020 Parking Application

On July 2nd parking passes for 2019-2020 will become available for purchase on the IHS website. Payments can be made online starting July 2nd. In person payments can be made with the ASB bookkeeper starting July 8th. 

Due to the construction staging for the new IHS Concert Hall, parking will be very limited this year. Therefore, only Juniors and Seniors are eligible to park on campus. No Exceptions.

Select “Parking Information” from the Students tab on the homepage. (You must be signed into your student google account) If you choose to park in either the North Lot or East lots you will be able to pick your parking space when filling out the parking application. If you choose to park in one of the lower lots (Pit, Gravel or Athletic lots) parking will be first come first serve. Also while you will pay a lower rate in the Lower Lots those spaces will only be available until May 1st. Those lots will be closed at that time to begin staging for the Concert Hall construction. No other spots will be available for you to purchase at that time. It will be your responsibility to find another way to school or off campus parking.  

After filling out the parking application you will have 10 days to pay for the pass or your parking application will become invalid and you will have to reapply. 

If payment is not made by that time, your space will be released back into the system for someone else to choose.  Parking passes cost $100. ($90.91+ Tax $9.09) for full year passes and lower lot ( Pit, Gravel and Athletic Lots)  $70 ($63.64 + Tax). Payment can be made to the Inglemoor Bookkeeper or online.

Parking passes will be available for pick up the first day of school. You will be able to park in the space you have chosen on the first day without a pass. If you are unable to complete the online application, contact our Campus Supervisor, Mr. Calhoun by email at Students who have yet to obtain their driver’s license may complete the application at any time but must present their license before the Parking Tag will be issued.

Finally, student safety and academic success is a high priority for our students. Though it is strongly recommended that students remain on campus during lunch, seniors can apply for permission to leave campus. Beginning in the fall of 2019 Seniors will have a limited open campus during their assigned lunch only. The qualifications and expectations for this privilege will be outlined on the IHS parking page once the parking applications become available.

Parking Permits

Can Students Park on Campus?

In order to park on campus, students must purchase a parking pass and register their vehicle. Students have a few choices as far as which lot they want to park. If they choose to purchase a tag in either the North or East Lots they will be able to choose a spot that will be assigned to them the entire school year and must park in that spot. If a student chooses to pick on of the Lower Lots which include the Pit, Gravel and Athletics lot they will be able to purchase their pass for a reduced fee. However, the pass will only be valid until May 1 2020. After that time they will no longer have a place to park on campus. Students parked in the Lower Lots do not have assigned parking spaces.

Once you have paid for and filled out the parking pass application, the space you choose will be the one you can park in the first week of school. Physical passes will be can be picked up on the first day of school. 

Students should never park in the Staff and Visitor Parking Lot.

2019-2020 Parking Application


Who can get a Parking Permit?

IHS Seniors and Juniors. Due to the shortage of parking this year we will not be able to sell spaces to Sophomores. No exceptions!

How do I get a Permit?

On July 2nd parking passes for 2019-2020 will become available for purchase on the IHS website. Payments can be made on online starting July 2nd. In person payments can be made with the ASB bookkeeper starting July 8th. 

  • NOTE: You'll need to be logged into your student Google Account [] in order to access the Parking Application form.
  • IF YOU CHOOSE A PARKING PASS IN THE LOWER LOT YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO PARK THERE UNTIL MAY 1st.   In order for us to meet the construction schedule for the new concert hall  and open fall of 2021 we need to start in early May 2020.

Parking Fees

Yearly parking fee: $90.91 +WA state sales tax (10%) =  $100

Lower Lot Pass ( Pit, Gravel and Athletic Lots) fee: $63.64 + WA state sales tax (10%) =$70


Parking Expectations

Student Parking Expectations

Student parking on the Inglemoor campus is a privilege. This privilege may be suspended or revoked for failure to meet IHS campus expectations, described in the student handbook, and/or failing to abide by the following guidelines.

Permit Visibility and Parking Spot:

Parking passes must be clearly displayed at all times while on campus or a ticket could be issued. Students must park in their designated spots or assigned lot. 

Limited Open Campus

Student safety and academic success is a high priority for our students at Inglemoor  High School. Though it is strongly recommended that students remain on campus during lunch, Seniors can apply for permission to leave campus based on the certain qualifications and expectations. Beginning in the fall of 2019, Inglemoor will have a limited open campus for Seniors during lunch and lunch only. 


Students who choose to drive and park on Inglemoor campus do so at their own risk. The Northshore School District and IHS are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property. Vehicles need to be secured to protect personal items.

Parking Courtesy:

Vehicles are to be parked within designated (lined) spaces. Care must be taken to avoid blocking adjacent parking spaces and/or fire and traffic lanes. Use of designated disabled parking spaces requires a valid Washington State disabled parking permit. Students who park in these areas without a valid Washington State disabled parking permit will be fined the maximum penalty.

Prohibited Parking Areas:

Student parking is prohibited in the following areas:

  • Staff/Visitors Lot
  • Service Area
  • Fire Lanes
  • Bus Zones
  • Other Unmarked or Unauthorized Areas

Speed Limit:

The speed limit on IS grounds is 5 MPH. Exceeding the speed limit, poor or reckless driving, driving on sidewalks, over barriers or curbs, or engaging in any potentially dangerous activities with a motor vehicle will not be tolerated. 


If a student receives a campus ticket for a parking violation, the first offense will be $10; the second $20; the third $50; and each and every violation after the third will result in $120 fine, and disciplinary action which could include detention or Saturday school. Any violations of traffic laws or criminal law will be turned over to the King County Sheriff's Department.  

By registering to park at IHS, students’ cars may be subjected to a search if there is a suspicion of contraband items, other evidence of a student’s violation of the law, or rules governing student conduct.

Parking passes are sold out for the 2019-2020 School Year


Can Students Park on Campus?

In order to park on campus, students must purchase a parking pass and register their vehicle.  They are then assigned a specific parking spot in the student parking lots and must park in that spot.

Students should never park in the Staff and Visitor Parking Lot.

Someone parked in your spot? Debris or parking stall damage?

Please report any parking discrepancies to Mr. Calhoun at:
Student Parking Lots

Bus Service

Passes & Bus Information

Passes & Transportation

If your student needs a bus pass, pease complete the form below and send it with your student to the main office – it has all the information we need from you. Bus passes are not valid without approval from school personnel. To find bus numbers, stop locations and bus stop times - Click on the Bus Information Link below.

Bus Pass Form

Contact Transportation

e-Link Bus Route Finder

After School Activity Bus Information

Beginning Monday, September 12th, NSD will be providing after school activity buses from the high schools four days per week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Buses will depart from the high school at 4:30pm. Up to 50 students can ride the activity bus. 

Students will need to come into the Main Office to get an Activity Bus Pass. Activity Bus Passes are issued on a first-come, first-served basis due to the limited number of seats.The activity route does not have the same bus stop locations as the regular bus routes. Bus stops are limited to ensure all students are transported home in a timely manner and the cost to the schools are minimized. It is the parents' responsibility to select the stop closest to their residence and familiarize their child with this information in the event he/she needs to utilize after school transportation.



#8  80TH AVE NE @ NE 177TH CT
#9  73RD AVE NE @ NE 191ST ST
#10  7006/6926 NE 182ND (MOBILE HOME PARK)
#11  61ST AVE NE @ NE 190TH ST
#12  61ST PL NE @ NE 197TH ST
Activity Bur Route Map

District Transportation

Contact the Transportation Department