IHS Policies and Procedures

What Every Viking Should Know

★ Find a CLUB/ACTIVITY/SPORT you love and put lots of effort into it!

★ DON’T get a locker, you won’t use it.

★ FIND the best BATHROOMS.

★ Use EVERYTHING that is available to you (teachers, apps, etc.). ALWAYS ask questions. The TEACHERS do care, even if they seem scary and mean. TALK to them, they want to help!

★ DON’T be afraid to get a tutor. STUDY with friends. Make STUDY GUIDES as a group.


★ Watch out for the GREEN DOORS; they are dangerous.

★ Don’t feel pressured to take a certain academic route...we are all different and IHS has a LOT of classes to choose from.

★ Check the weather before leaving the house. Be prepared for all kinds of Washington weather.

★ BRING snacks and GUM to class. Be prepared to share.

★ Be SPIRITED!! Wear BLACK & GOLD on Fridays. Participate in spirit days, come to football and basketball games, go to dances. This is stuff you don’t always get to do after high school.

Alcohol, Marijuana and other Drugs

Use or possession of alcohol, marijuana, illicit drugs or vaping paraphernalia:

1st Violation – Any student in violation of these rules for the first time shall be short-term suspended for ten (10) school days except as noted under “Special Sanction.”  This suspension may be reduced to a minimum five (5) school days contingent upon student’s participation in the suspension reduction process outline in the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook Concerning Student Conduct.

2nd Violation – Any student in violation of this rule for the second time will be suspended for ninety (90) school days. This suspension may be reduced to a minimum 10 (ten) twenty (20) school days.

3rd Violation – If there is a third offense, the student may be suspended a minimum of ninety (90) school days with the student’s successful completion of an alcohol and drug assessment and any follow-up recommendations.

Transfer (whether completed or not) - Any student who transfers alcohol, marijuana or illicit drugs to another, even if it is a first violation, will be long-term suspended for ninety (90) school days consistent with day and credit loss limitations. The student should also obtain an assessment and comply with recommended treatment.


Attendance Office - (425) 408-7210

Call Attendance Office

1.  Absence or late arrival: To avoid discipline, please remember to have a parent/guardian call or email attendance WITHIN 48 HOURS of the absence/late arrival. Absence = Missing 15 minutes or more of class time.

2.  Early dismissal: Call in the morning or bring a note to the attendance office prior to the dismissal time. In order to prevent disruption of class time, parents should avoid last minute early dismissals.

3.  Always sign in and sign out at the attendance office if arriving late or leaving early.

4.  Any student wanting to leave school early due to illness must check out through the school nurse, not the Attendance office.

5.  Parents are unable to excuse “on campus” absences. Example: You miss class because you are testing with another teacher. This type of absence can only be cleared by that teacher.

6. If a student’s absence remains unexcused after 48 hours, the student will be assigned discipline for the first unexcused absence.  A second unexcused absence will result in an Attendance Contract.


Attendance Policy

Inglemoor High School adheres to the Northshore policy of promoting the importance of regular school attendance as a fundamental means of encouraging achievement. Inglemoor High School has an attendance policy that assists students in meeting their school responsibilities. This policy seeks to accomplish four goals:

       1. To encourage regular school attendance by students.

       2. To clarify the importance of regular attendance in achieving class objectives.

       3. To encourage teachers to develop lessons that make each instructional day important to the student.

       4. To provide for continuity of learning, reinforcing needed skills as assessed by state-mandated testing.

       Students accumulating unexcused absences will be:

       1st Offense................................................... assigned school discipline.

       2nd Offense.................................................. placed on an Attendance Contract.

3rd & Subsequent Offenses - A parent/student conference will be scheduled with all of the student’s teachers where the student will sign an individual contract and explain to administrators and teachers the steps being taken to improve attendance.

Cheating / Academic Honesty Code

Inglemoor High School adheres to a philosophy of promoting honest and ethical behavior among its students. Cheating is unacceptable. The following policy becomes effective upon enrollment at Inglemoor and is cumulative until graduation.
Cheating is defined as any attempt to present work as the student’s own when it is not. This includes the use of unauthorized materials. Students who allow their work to be copied will also be disciplined.
1st violation will result in an assistant principal referral. A parent/student conference will be scheduled with all of the student’s teachers where the student will explain the circumstances contributing to the cheating offense; loss of credit on the assignment/exam; and Saturday School.
2nd violation will result in an assistant principal referral, parent contact, loss of credit on the assignment/exam, and students will be required to complete an independent study course during Saturday School.
3rd violation will result in an assistant principal referral, and may include suspension with option to retrieve credit via alternative methods.  
Further offenses will result in progressive discipline.

Campus Cleanup Guidelines

Students are responsible for clearing their garbage after eating/drinking in the cafeteria, and on other parts of the campus. Failure to do so will result in assigned campus cleanup. Continued failure to clear garbage may result in the loss of break/club meeting time. Areas of the campus that have been left with garbage may be restricted from student eating.

Campus Security / Cameras

Security cameras are in place to monitor common areas and parking lots for building security. Inglemoor administration will involve the local law enforcement in investigations of all illegal activities.

Cell Phones / Communication Devices

Electronic devices (ie. cell phones, smart phones, iPads, laptops, and tablets) may not be used in the classroom unless permitted by the teacher. When teacher guidelines are not followed, students may be referred for disciplinary action. The use of electronic devices may not disrupt the learning environment or affect other students. Also, be aware that these items are among the most frequently stolen articles on campus.
Students are permitted to use communication devices during break, lunch, and passing periods.
Discipline Steps for violations to Personal Technology (Cell phone, iPad, camera, other electronic device) used during class time:
1st violation - Upon teacher notification, the student will be assigned a one hour of after-school detention by administration.
2nd violation - Upon teacher notification, parents will be notified by administration and the student will be assigned a two-hour Saturday School.
3rd violation -  Upon teacher notification, the student will be assigned a four-hour Saturday School.  
Further violations will result in progressive discipline.

Closed Campus and School Boundaries

Inglemoor High School is a closed campus during the scheduled school day. Students with late arrivals or early dismissals are to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their first scheduled class and leave campus within 10 minutes of the end of their last scheduled class.
Students are not to be in any of the parking lots during the school day except when arriving or departing. (Violators will be disciplined and may lose their parking permit.) If a situation arises where a student wants to retrieve an item from their vehicle, they need to let the Main Office staff know or get a pass from a staff member.
All school rules apply while students are on any Northshore School District property, adjacent properties* to Inglemoor High School, or at a Northshore School District activity.  *Adjacent properties are defined as areas that can be seen from the IHS campus. Students must remain within the perimeter of the School Boundaries.
School Boundaries: The following areas adjacent to Inglemoor High School are off limits during the school day: 88th NE from NE 150th to NE 163rd, the service road and housing area south of the campus known as “Amber Ridge,” the housing area directly north of our baseball and softball fields known as “The Park at Inglemoor.” Please be respectful of our neighbors. Inglemoor students are also not permitted to visit our neighboring schools without first gaining permission from the particular school. And finally, students must not “visit” their vehicle during breaks or lunch in the parking lots without receiving permission from a school official.
Loitering: For safety reasons, the following areas are to be free from students loitering so that others may pass freely. During passing periods and lunch, students are prohibited from standing in congested areas such as the walkways between 900, 800, 700 wings, and in front of the cafeteria restrooms.


Inglemoor provides a variety of clubs and activities for students. For an updated list of all clubs at Inglemoor and/or information on how to start a club please visit the IHS Clubs page.

Dress Code Policy

The primary responsibility for a student’s attire resides with the student and parents or guardians. Northshore School District and Inglemoor High School are responsible for seeing that student attire does not interfere with the health or safety of any student, and that student attire does not contribute to a hostile or intimidating atmosphere for any student.

Students Must Wear:

  • Top:  shirt/blouse/sweater/sweatshirt/dress/etc.
  • Bottom:  pants/sweatpants/shorts/skirt/dress/leggings/etc. Shoes; activity-specific shoes requirements are permitted (for example for sports).
  • Certain body parts must be covered for all students. Clothes must be worn in a way such that chest, genitals and buttocks are covered with opaque (non-see-through) material.
  • Tops must have opaque fabric in the front and on the sides (under the arms).
  • High-school courses that include attire as part of the curriculum (for example, professionalism, public speaking, and job readiness) may include assignment-specific dress, but should not focus on covering individuals’ bodies or promoting culturally-specific attire.

Students May Wear:

  • Hats, including religious headwear.
  • Hats and other headwear must allow the face to be visible to staff, and not interfere with the line of sight of any student or staff. Hoodies must allow the face and ears to be visible to school staff.
  • Fitted pants, including leggings, jeggings, yoga pants and “skinny jeans.”
  • Midriff baring shirts (minimal skin showing).
  • Pajamas.
  • Ripped jeans, as long as underwear is not exposed.
  • Tank tops, including spaghetti straps and halter tops.
  • Sunglasses (but can be worn only outside - except for verified medical reasons).

Students Cannot Wear:

  • Violent language or images.
  • Images or language depicting tobacco, drugs, alcohol, vaping or weapons (or any illegal item or activity) or the use of same.
  • Hate speech, gang or hate group association/affiliation, profanity, pornography.
  • Images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment.
  • Visible underwear (visible waistbands or straps on undergarments worn under other clothing are not a violation).
  • Bathing suits, tube tops, or sports bras as the only top.
  • Helmets, masks or headgear that obscures the face (except as a religious observance).
  • Accessories with sharp objects, spikes, etc.

Consequences for Violating the Dress Code Policy:

  • First violation — change clothing.
  • Second violation — change clothing and parent notification.
  • Third violation — change clothing, parent notification, and referral to a counselor.
  • Fourth violation — change clothing, parent notification, and lunch detention.
  • Fifth violation — change clothing, parent notification, and two-hour Saturday School.

Continued violations of the dress code will result in progressive disciplinary actions. Adhering to our simple rules for student dress will mean students won't miss important class time when they leave to change. We appreciate parents reinforcing this message with students.

FamilyID Sports Registration

FamilyID is a secure registration platform for our sports programs. When you register through FamilyID, the system keeps track of your information in your FamilyID profile. You enter information only once for each family member for multiple uses and multiple sports. (www.familyid.com

Grading Policy

Grade scale:

A = 4.0    A- = 3.7    B+ = 3.3    B = 3.0     B- = 2.7    C+ = 2.3    C = 2.0    C- = 1.7    D+ = 1.3    D = 1.0   F = 0.0   P= Pass

Percent (%) grading scale:

A = 93 – 100      A- = 90 – 92.9    B+ = 87 – 89.9    B = 83 – 86.9      B- = 80 – 82.9      C+ = 77 – 79.9  C = 73 – 76.9      C- = 70 – 72.9      D+ = 67 – 69.9      D = 60 – 66.9      F = 0 – 59.9

The grade scale is adjusted to round based on rounding rules.

A student’s grade point average is the sum of the point values, as defined above, of all the grades received for all courses attempted, divided by the sum of the credits for all courses attempted.  Teacher Assistant and Office Assistant positions will be graded Pass (P) or No Credit (NC) and are elective credits.

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

Discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying means any intentionally written message or image—including those that are electronically transmitted—verbal or physical act, including but not limited to one shown to be motivated by race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, including gender expression or identity, mental or physical disability or other distinguishing characteristics, when an act:

  • Physically harms a student or damages the student’s property.
  • Has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s education.
  • Is so severe, persistent or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment.
  • Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.

KingCo and WIAA Rules

(For WIAA & NSD Eligibility Standards please see the Athletics tab of the NSD Website)
•   Artificial noisemakers such as air horns or megaphones are not permitted.
•   Confetti, streamers, toilet paper, and/or silly string are not permitted and their use may cause the non-complying school to pay for the additional cost of cleanup.
•   Objects such as paper airplanes, nerf balls, beach balls, coins, glow sticks or other projectiles are not to be brought to contests. All objects that can be thrown are prohibited.
•   The dress code for the regular school day applies — specifically, there are to be no bare chests.
•   Faces cannot be completely painted. Fans should always use two colors of paint rather than one. Eyes must be visible (“raccoon eyes”).
•   Signs or banners, other than official school banners/flag, are not permitted.
•   Vulgar, obscene, or suggestive yells or gestures are not acceptable and can result in removal from the event, and possibly removal for the entire season.
•   Moshing, pushing, throwing, or elevating other students is not permitted.
•   Please follow the directions and the cheers of the cheerleaders.
•   Cheer positively for our athletes, not against our opponents. Be respectful and supportive of both teams involved in the contest. Use only positive cheers and praise without antagonizing or demeaning opponents or individual players; degrading chants or cheers will not be tolerated.
•   No personal comments will be tolerated – about players, coaches, or officials.
•   Respond positively to and follow directions of the adults who are supervising the contest.
•   Remain off the playing field/surface/floor at all times – before, during (including halftime), and after the contest.
•   Remain in our school’s section at all time and do not intermingle with the opposing fans or pass in front of the other school’s stands.
•   Have a good time, but do not do anything that might compromise your safety or the safety of others at the contest.
•   Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Positive!

ParentVUE and StudentVUE

The ParentVUE account is set up with a username and password created by the parent/guardian. Parents should contact the Counseling Office Manager at (425) 408-7219 for the activation key needed to set up the account.
ParentVUE allows parents to access their child(ren)'s attendance, class schedules, Course History, Graduation Status, Mid-term/Quarter and Final/Semester Grades, School Information, Demographic Information and Immunization Dates view class assignments, earned grades and missing.
StudentVUE allows students to view up-to-date attendance information, view modified course history and graduation requirements, send email to their teacher(s) and other school staff, and view a school calendar. Students are also able to view term progress and report cards, and use StudentVUE on mobile devices.
Quick Links:


Student parking is a privilege. Students without parking authorization will not be allowed to park on campus. Careless driving, speeding, and/or violating basic driving laws on campus will result in disciplinary action and the loss of campus parking privileges. Students are expected to enter/leave the parking lot from the designated entrance. Students are not to drive in the bus loading lot. See the IHS website or the IHS Policies & Procedures for further information. 

  • For student drop-off and pick-up, parents MUST use NE 157th St. to enter school grounds.
  • Parents will use NE 155th St. to exit ONLY.
  • NO drop-off or pick-up will be allowed at the NE 155th St. entrance. Only buses and those with assigned parking (as identified by a parking pass) will be allowed to enter campus at NE 155th St.
  • See map below for driving route and new drop-off area, designated by the white rectangle (parking spots will be restricted until drop-off is complete).
Student Drop-off location
 White lines marking a “Stay Clear” area have been painted around the intersection leading to the bus loading zone.
This intersection must not be blocked at any time.  Please remain outside the white lines until traffic in front of
you clears the intersection area.

Progress Reports / Report Cards

Parents/guardians may check their student’s progress in class and may view report cards through ParentVUE. The ParentVUE account is set up with a username and password created by the parent/guardian. Parents should contact the Counseling Office Manager at 425-408-7219 for the activation key needed to set up the account.

Students receiving “D” or “F” grades will receive a telephone call home to their parent/guardian. Mid-term progress reports are issued in the middle of each semester and mailed to all students. These grades are for information only. Senior year mid-term grades may be used as part of the college admission process, even though credits are not posted to the transcript.


Law enforcement and/or school officials may perform searches. Searches shall utilize appropriate information collection processes. Such processes would include but not be limited to canine-assisted searches, video surveillance cameras, breath analyzers, any drug/alcohol detection devices, person, and property searches which may include vehicles on campus.

(For more information, see the Northshore School District Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.)

Sports Schedules

All sport calendars can be viewed online at: www.kingcoathletics.com

Schedules are updated continuously, so please check back often.

Teams & Schedules

Student and Staff Rights

Students and staff shall be free from verbal, written, or physical acts of harassment, hostility, defamation, or intimidation in any form based upon national origin, race, religion, economic status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, previous arrests, previous incarceration, or handicapping condition.

Inglemoor High School is committed to a “safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, volunteers, and patrons, free from harassment, intimidation, or bullying.” The policy, reflecting state law, defines harassment, intimidation, and bullying as any intentional written, verbal, or physical act motivated by characteristics such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability which:
    •  Results in physical harm or property to another student or staff member.
    •  Substantially interferes with another student’s education.
    •  Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment.
    •  Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.


1st Violation -  Any student in violation of this rule for the first time shall be suspended for three (3) days.  This suspension will be reduced to one (1) day with the successful completion of the following steps:
  1. Register for ATOD class within 72 hours (parent must attend).
  2. Three (3) meetings with PI at school.
The remaining days will be held in abeyance and, as determined by the building administrator, may be imposed if the student fails to follow the above steps.
2nd Violation - Any student in violation of this rule for the second time will be suspended for six (6) days. This suspension will be reduced to (3) days, if the student and parent agree, and the student undergoes an assessment performed by a state certified chemical dependent treatment agency qualified to perform drug and alcohol assessments. The student will continue to follow up with the PI at the student’s school.  
3rd Violation:  Will follow drug and alcohol protocol for every violation, regardless of category:
· Confiscate all vaping product(s) and/or device(s)
· Notify parent/guardian of incident
· Student and parent must register and attend Center for Human Services Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) informational class (a free class contracted by the NSD)
· Student will meet with Prevention/Intervention Specialist weekly
· Student and parent will be provided a copy of school policy and a fact sheet to parents/guardians re: dangers of vaping
· Identify and refer to other resources as necessary
· Repeat offenses will result in progressive discipline.


Since Inglemoor High School has a closed campus, only students enrolled at Inglemoor are permitted on the campus during regular school hours. All adult visitors must immediately sign in to receive a mandatory I.D. Tag. Prospective students may tour the campus with the prior permission of the administration and teachers. The application to tour the campus must be completed and returned in advance of the guest's scheduled visitation.


It is a violation of Washington State Law for any student to carry onto school premises, school-provided transportation, school or District facilities any firearm, dangerous weapon, or look-alike weapon. Any infraction of this law will result in emergency expulsion from the Northshore School District. (For a more complete statement, please see the Northshore School District Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.)