Awards and Celebrations


Inglemoor Track State results, congrats!

This past weekend these kids represented Inglemoor.  They represented not only with their athleticism, but character. Proud to have these kids represent this school. If you get a chance tell them good job! 

Girls 4x100 finished 13th
Erica Swift 7th in the Triple Jump
Abby Kauffman 10th in the 100 meter
Nick Hawley 6th in the 100, 5th in the 200
Kincaid Schmitt 5th in the 400, 7th in the long jump 

Congratulations State Qualifying Track Runners!

If you see any of these kids congratulate them on qualifying to the State meet this coming weekend! They all put in hard work this season and had amazing performances to ensure their spots at State. 

Kincaid Schmitt- Long Jump and 400 meter (District Champion in both and currently ranked 4th in the State in the 400m) 
Abby Kauffman- 100 meter, 4x100m Relay (District Champion in the 100) 
Erica Swift - Triple Jump, 400 meter, 4x100m Relay
Emily Reid- 4x100m Relay
Abby Monson- 4x100m Relay
Nick Hawley- 100 and 200 meter ambulatory (District Champion in both, as well as a crowd favorite)
Track Meet
Track Meet
Track Meet


Inglemoor Choir sings National Anthem at Mariners Game!

The Inglemoor Choir opened up the Mariners game with the National Anthem Thur, May 16th! Congratulations, what an honor! Go Viks! Watch Inglemoor Choir sing National Anthem at Mariners game video.


Congratulations Alexander Song

2019 US Rowing Northwest Youth Champion!

Alexander raced as Mens Youth 4x+ of Sammamish Association and won the first place with the gold medal and trophy!


Scholarship Foundation of Northshore Recipients

Congratulations to the following students for receiving scholarships from the Foundation of Northshore:

Kathryn Anderson 
Maxwell Chastain
Angela Clemens
Riley Hodgson
Johnson Kuang
Xian Lao
Evelynn Li
Alex Owens
Tejas Raj
Trey Schaaf
Shreya Senthil
Dean Smith
Lucas Tradal
Brian Xie


State Photo Competition Results

Congratulations to the following IHS Students for their recognition in this years state photo competition!

Traditional Black & White
1st - Maya Nair

1st - Olivia Oomen
3rd - Luke Fasciano
Finalist - Emily Carter
Selects - Tate Erdman, Olivia Levy
5th - Emily Carter
Finalist - Julius Schultz
4th - Sara Gonzalez
6th - Sydney Dunkle
Selects - Andy Tan, Alan Tran, Eliza Valley
Still Life
1st - Nicole Villamil
2nd - Felicity Harris
4th - Joshua Netelenbos
Finalists - Anne Tansengco, Priya Annapurddy
Selects - Joshua Netelenbos, Andhisty Mahmud, Eliza Valley, Maya Nair x 2, Aliana Perez, Minh-Thy Nguyen
4th - Julie Ganbold
Selects - Tom Mikolyuk, Tam Tran
Finalists - Olivia Levy, Javaughn Jorgensen
Selects - Karen Lu, Arianne Barlowe
4th Place - Clare Larsen
Finalists - Collier Gonzalez, Azra Yildiz
Selects - Ellis Evans, Christopher Jensen, Manuela Depaula, Eli Shafer, Collier Gonzalez
4th - Julie Ganbold
Select - Natalie Harmon
1st - Olivia Oomen (the only entry we put in this category)
Camera Phone
4th - Kai Smith
Select - Grace Gordon
Team Scores:
1. Inglemoor 54
2. Lakeside 38
3. Skyview 18
4. Seattle Academy of the Arts 16
5. Meadowdale 13
6. Bellevue 12
Tie for 7th: Bothell and Snohomish 11
9. Roosevelt 10
10. Newport 9


Congratulations IHS DECA Students!

Over the past week, 22 IHS DECA students competed against 22,000 students from around the world at DECA International Career Development Conference in Orlando Florida. 

Please join me in congratulating the following amazing students:

2019 DECA ICDC IHS Results

Final Results
Jaeden Burdge
2nd in the World
Business Services Marketing Series
Tara Barlowe and Divya Akkiraju
2nd in the World
Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
Katie Anderson
3rd in the World
Financial Consulting
Sahale Beaudette and Nikita Kansal
Top 10 in the World
Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making
Matt Cummings
Top 10 in the World
Innovation Plan
Kira Dudsic
Top 10 in the World
Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
Ashley Vu
Top 10 in the World
Integrated Marketing Campaign-Product
Brian Xie and Stefan de Villiers
Top 10 in the World
Integrated Marketing Campaign- Event
Amogh Pande
Top 20 in the World
Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
Ash Arora and Eli Shafer
National Competition
Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making
Jarek Cruz
National Competition
Accounting Applications Series
Mackenzie Hayase and Uzair Zaman
National Competition
Hospitality Services Team Decision Making
Thomas Holt
National Competition
Start-Up Business Plan
Harshini Iyer
National Competition   
Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series
Lakshin Kumar
National Competition
Accounting Applications Series
Katie Li and Mahima Uliyar
National Competition
Financial Services Team Decision Making


Congratulations to IHS Student Felicia Lewko,

Winner of the Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest for her essay "Cancer's Effect".

First page of the PDF file: IHS_Recognition_CancersEffect1
First page of the PDF file: IHS_Recognition_CancersEffect2


Nordic News & Scandia Accolades

Congratulations to the following students who competed in Journalist Competitions at the National High School Journalist Convention in Anaheim!

(student name - place - competition):

Courtney Fey & Maddie Hayden - Honorable Mention - Broadcast Commercial/PSA
Bella Hunter - Excellent - Graphic Design: Advertising
Tom Mikolyuk - Excellent - Graphic Design: Logo
Missy Okamoto - Honorable Mention - Literary Magazine: Poetry
Abbi Rosenow - Honorable Mention - First-Year Photo
Kincaid Schmitt - Superior - Sports Feature Photography
Jenny Shyu - Excellent - Literary Magazine Photography
Alan Tran - Honorable Mention - Sports Action Photography
Emma West - Honorable Mention - Yearbook Layout: Theme
Olivia Sassoon - Superior - Review Writing
Sonya Sheptunov - Honorable Mention - Commentary Writing
Evelyn Yang - Honorable Mention - News Magazine Layout
Rachel Lawson - Excellent - Editorial Cartoon
Shannon Hong - Honorable Mention - Feature Writing
Rahima Baluch - Honorable Mention - Literary Magazine Illustration
Nordic News - 8th place - Newspaper Tabloid 17 Pages or More


Congratulations to the following student scholarship winners!

Aaron Greisen - National Merit Scholarship | Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation Scholarship
Brian Xie - National Merit Scholarship

National Scholarship Merit Program logo


Congratulation to the students receiving Athletic signings for 2019-2020

2019 Students receiving athletics scholarships


Congratulations to our National and State Medalists of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards announced their 2019 National Medalists a couple weeks ago, and we had two gold medalists:

Olivia Oomen for Drawing and Illustration
Burke Smithers for Drawing and Illustration

Their works will be exhibited in New York City and then go on national tour for a year. 

We also had several medalists at the state level. Their works were on display at Cornish College of the Arts last month.

Gold medals went to:
Eliza Valley - photography
Aislinn Jones - photography
Rachel Lawson -  one for Drawing and Illustration and one for Editorial Cartoon

Silver medals went to:
Olivia Oomen - one for Drawing and Illustration and one for Editorial Cartoon
Kaia Wise - photography
Jessica Topper - photography
Jocelyn Ayenew - photography
Emmy Goetze - photography
Tom Mikolyuk - photography

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards logo


Congratulations IHS TSA Students! Good luck at Nationals!

IHS students were awesome and performed very well!  Most of them made the semi-finals of their events, many made finals, lots were on the stage (meaning top 5) and 20 students placed and qualified (more will find out this week if they qualify, as well)  for nationals! Congratulations TSA Students!

TSA Students 2019


Congratulations Robotics Students for qualifying for the World Championships!

The Swerve Robotics Club, a Woodinville based community robotics club, has advanced two teams to compete in the ​FIRST​ Tech Challenge​ 1(FTC) ​World Competition in Houston, TX on April 16th - April 22nd.​ The teams have successfully competed at the State level and are advancing to the World Championships!

Inglemoor​ High School Students:

Justin Nguyen
Madeline Nguyen
Evan Jones
Brian Cao


Congratulations to students Qualifying for the AIME!

Students Qualified for AIME:

Merun Subhas
Daniel Ng
Dmitriy Nikitinskyy
Raymond Guo



Congratulations IHS Science Olympiad team!

Good luck at State!

Science Olympiad Students


Congratulations to our IHS National Merit Finalists!

National Merit Finalists:

Sandy Cheng
Raymond Guo
Oliver Hopcroft
Nicole Turtle
Alexander Wang
Brian Xie
Evelyn Yang
Andrew Zhao
National Scholarship Merit Program logo


Student Recognition: Alex Reed

Congratulations Alex Reed for being awarded a Pacific Lutheran University President's Scholarship.

PLU Presidential Scholarship Award


Congratulations to the Inglemoor HS music students accepted into the 2019 All-Northwest and All-State Bands, Orchestras, and Choirs.

Music Students
Music Students


Student Recognition: Cami Brix

For her contributions on efforts to establish a Northshore Veterans Memorial at Pop Keeney Stadium.

Cami Brix recognition letter
Cami Brix
Cami Brix


Congratulations Max Rossman for receiving The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence

Congratulations to Max Rossman for receiving The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence for Outstanding Academic Performance, Leadership Potential, and Dedication to serving Humanity through the Profession of Medicine. 

National Academy of Future Physicians



Congratulations to the Commended Students in the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program

22 students from Inglemoor placed among the top 50,000 scores of more than 1.6 million students who entered. Congratulations to our Inglemoor students who were commended.

National Merit letter
National Scholarship Merit Program logo
Commended Students in the 2019 National Merit Program 
Max Chastain Aroosh Kumar
Stefan De Villiers William N Lin
Laura Fisher Hope Y Marshall
Janick Gold Marissa R McMaster
Jupiter Grant Lindsay  McTavish
Pranathi Guddanti Michelle J Morris
Jeffrey N Hayes Tejas Raj
Evan X Jones Margot Reynolds
Jeremiah Kim Jonathan Tinker
Johnson Kuang Anna Weaver
  Beatrice F Duchastel De Montrou


Congratulations student International Thespian Society Inductees

Inglemoor's most dedicated theater arts students have earned induction into the International Thespian Society, the honor society for secondary school theater students. Each Thespian inductee has completed over 100 hours of excellent work in theater arts and related disciplines. In doing so, they have acquired essential twenty-first century life and career skills that include creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and effective communication. These inductees now join the ranks of over 2.3 million Thespians and Thespian alumni. Please join us in celebrating the hard work and achievements of our Thespian honor students, their troupe officers, and their troupe director, Kevin Bliss.

International Thespian Society Inductees

Chile Alcorta Nikoli Gurevich Lindsay McTavish
Olivia Anderson Edwin Hammarlund Nathan Mitchell
Emily Bass Grace Hammarlund Viola Mitchell
Liam Blakey Daisy Held Liz Organ
Anna Brandel Lillybeth Held Katie Orr
Caden Brauch Priya Hendry Julia Owens
Keaton Casper Riley Hodgson Taylor Reddick
Jocelyn Coyne Bailey Johnston Natalie Running
Allyson Ellett Simon Jones Alex Rutter
Hunter Essex Jacob Krieger Naima Scharl
Emma Fraser-Koehler Vivian Lavalle Tatiana Soto
Megan Gatter Kylee Lockinger-Warehime Sam Trott
Daphne Gossell Katherine McKinney Rachel Wilde


International Thespian Society