Students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day. It is important that you call the office whenever your student will be absent from school.

Call 425-408-7210

Attendance Policy

Inglemoor's full Attendance Policy can be viewed here.

Excusing an Absence
Absences must be verified within 48 hours (two school days) by:

  1. By a phone call to the Attendance Office (24hr voicemail).
  2. Email to
  3. By a written note signed by a parent/guardian.

When excusing an absence please include the following:

  • Students first and last name (please spell when leaving voicemail).
  • Date(s) or absence.
  • Student's school ID number.
  • Reason for Absence.

Late Arrivals and Tardies

Students arriving to school late must:
  • Sign in at the Attendance Office and obtain a pass before going to class.
  • A parent/guardian email or phone call is required within 48 hours of the late arrival or the student will continue to be marked unexcused.

Students who miss more than fifteen (15) minutes of class are marked "absent."

Early Dismissals

  • Please call or send a signed note with your student on the morning of the day needing early dismissal Requests for early dismissals must be made arranged prior to the absence. Pick up during lunch times may not be possible as it is very hard to find the students. Emails are not accepted.
  • Students must sign out at the Attendance Office when they leave during the school day or the absence is considered truancy.

Attendance Policies

Attendance Office - (425) 408-7210

Call Attendance Office

1.  Absence or late arrival: To avoid discipline, please remember to have a parent/guardian call or email attendance WITHIN 48 HOURS of the absence/late arrival. Absence = Missing 15 minutes or more of class time.

2.  Early dismissal: Call in the morning or bring a note to the attendance office prior to the dismissal time. In order to prevent disruption of class time, parents should avoid last minute early dismissals.

3.  Always sign in and sign out at the attendance office if arriving late or leaving early.

4.  Any student wanting to leave school early due to illness must check out through the school nurse, not the Attendance office.

5.  Parents are unable to excuse “on campus” absences. Example: You miss class because you are testing with another teacher. This type of absence can only be cleared by that teacher.

6. If a student’s absence remains unexcused after 48 hours, the student will be assigned discipline for the first unexcused absence.  A second unexcused absence will result in an Attendance Contract.


Attendance Policy

Inglemoor High School adheres to the Northshore policy of promoting the importance of regular school attendance as a fundamental means of encouraging achievement. Inglemoor High School has an attendance policy that assists students in meeting their school responsibilities. This policy seeks to accomplish four goals:

       1. To encourage regular school attendance by students.

       2. To clarify the importance of regular attendance in achieving class objectives.

       3. To encourage teachers to develop lessons that make each instructional day important to the student.

       4. To provide for continuity of learning, reinforcing needed skills as assessed by state-mandated testing.

       Students accumulating unexcused absences will be:

       1st Offense................................................... assigned school discipline.

       2nd Offense.................................................. placed on an Attendance Contract.

3rd & Subsequent Offenses - A parent/student conference will be scheduled with all of the student’s teachers where the student will sign an individual contract and explain to administrators and teachers the steps being taken to improve attendance.


Front entrance of the Attendance Office at IHS

Attendance Office

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