PSAT at Inglemoor on October 12, 2022

PSAT at Inglemoor on October 12, 2022

PSAT on Oct 12, 2022

This October we will offer the PSAT at Inglemoor to all of our 10th and 11th grade students, as well as our 9th grade students who sign up for the exam.  The exam will go from 8:15 to roughly 11:30.  
The PSAT is a practice exam for the For more information about the PSAT please see the link below. 
There will be school activities that morning for the 12th graders and 9th graders who do not take the exam.  We will have a modified schedule that day so that the students who are taking the PSAT do not miss any classes.  The exact schedule for that day will be coming out in a few weeks.   

Exam Fee
The fee for the exam is 18 dollars.  All 10th and 11th grade students have already  had the fee charged to their account.  If they do not take the exam the fee will be refunded or removed from their account.  9th graders who sign up will also need to follow the registration directions and pay the fee for the exam.  If a student would like help to pay the fee they just need to contact their counselor.

10th and 11th graders
All of 10th and 11th graders are already registered to take the exam and have been charged the exam fee.  They are all fully signed up for the exam.  There will be no 10th and 11th grade classes that morning.  

9th grade signup 
The link below will take you to the sign up for 9th grade students who would like to sign up to take the PSAT this fall.  Only the 9th grade students who sign up for the exam by October 1st will be allowed to take the PSAT.

If your child would like to request accommodations you can see the pathways in the link below. You will need to start the process as soon as possible.  If you wish to go through Inglemoors SSD Coordinator you can contact Devin Blanchard at

If you have any questions please contact Shawn Rainwater