Course Registration

If Student Lives in the IHS service area:

New students who do not need a waiver may contact Becky Goodman (info on right) for a registration packet and next registration date available.

WAIVERS - If student lives in a different service area, in-district or out-of-district:

  • Click Here for In-District Waiver information and important dates. 
  • Students who do not live in the IHS service area need a waiver which must be obtained from your home district office and processed through the Northshore School District office.
  • The school district will process waivers on a rolling basis. If you are accepted, IHS will contact you and send out a registration packet with information on the next registration date available.  
  • Students interested in the IB program may complete the IB Statement of Interest after they apply for a waiver. Visit the IB section of the IHS website for more information.

All students new to IHS must be able to present proof of residency, proof of age, unofficial transcript, and immunizations (see details in registration packet).

Registration Dates for 2019 - 2020

Class of 2023 (Incoming Freshman)

Attention Class of 2023!

Class of 2023 (Current 8th grade students) will receive registration materials during science class at KMS on March 4th & 5th and at NMS on March 7th & 8th. Inglemoor High School counselors will be on campus to assist with course selection. The Course Description Catalog will be available on the IHS website, click on Counseling and Career Center under Quick Links. Graduation requirements for Class of 2022 are in the catalog.

Parent Night for Class of 2023:

There will be a Class of 2023 Parent Night on March 14th at 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Inglemoor High School gym. Parents and students are invited to learn about course offerings, graduation requirements, and look around the Inglemoor campus. Teachers will be offering information sessions from each department. Counselors, IB coordinators, and Special Education.

Why Pre-IB English 9 for nearly all 9th graders?

High School is about opening doors.

Despite wide disagreements about the role of schools and even the aims of education in our society, there is a growing consensus across a broad political and ideological spectrum that more students than ever before must graduate from high school prepared to meet high standards for postsecondary education or the workforce. The past few years have seen a movement among states and districts to eliminate barriers to college access and to increase student preparation and college attendance.

Northshore School District and Inglemoor High School are joining this movement to eliminate barriers that limit future options for our students.  High school is a time to open doors, to explore, to find passions, and to get ready to make choices about life after high school. One way to help open doors is to have all 9th grade students begin in courses that prepare them to take many different courses, including eventual AP or IB courses. Currently, all 9th graders take the same version of Biology and the same version of Algebra 1 and Geometry.   These courses open doors to the further study of both science and mathematics.

However, despite the fact that all 9th graders get the same versions of math and science, they have been offered two versions of English.  Only one of these courses provides that open access that students find in math and science, and that is Pre-IB English 9. Taking Pre-IB English 9 opens doors by preparing students to have the option to eventually take AP or IB courses in English, whereas the other course does not.  Does this mean kids in Pre-IB English 9 have to take an AP or IB course later? No. Kids in Biology do not have to take an AP or IB science class. However, they are prepared and have the option to do so if they choose.

We know that some students will find Pre-IB English 9 challenging and Inglemoor English teachers, counselors and Administrators are prepared to help any student who struggles.  We currently have support mechanisms in place such as Viking Quest on Tuesdays, differentiated help within the classroom, etc. More supports will be in place by the fall of 2019.

High School. It's about opening doors.

Classes of 2022-2020 (Current IHS Freshmen, Sophmores, & Juniors)

Registration for All Current IHS Students

IHS Registration Video - This informational video will help guide students and families through the registration process for the 2019-2020 IHS school year. Click the buttons below to view the video and the script to the video. 

IHS Course Registration Video

IHS Course Registration Video Script

Week of February 25th - Registration information will be given to all students in Advisory classes.

*Students without an Advisory Class should come to the IHS Counseling Office to pick up their registration packet and directions for online registration.

Week of February 25th - Online Registration opens for all students. Students complete online registration through their StudentVUE accounts. For troubleshooting online registration please call/visit the IHS Counseling Office.

Week of February 25th - IHS Counselors will be available for questions and registration support in the College & Career Center from 7am-3:20pm. 

March 11th - Online Registration closes to all IHS students. Students and families will not have access to register online or adjust course selections after 11:59 pm. 

March 11th - March 21st - IHS Counselors will meet 1-on-1 with each Inglemoor student to review 2019-20 course selections. Counselors will work with each student to ensure that they are meeting graduation requirements. This process will eliminate any need to adjust course selections in the Fall of the 2019-20 School Year.

Course Catalog

The course catalog contains most of the information you need to know about our class offerings and the scheduling process. If you have any questions along the way, our school staff will be happy to assist you.

View Inglemoor Course Description Catalog

View IHS Science Pathways for 2019-2020

View IHS Math Pathways for 2019-2020


The Career and College Readiness program offers a wide variety of courses and programs for all students. Each Career and College Readiness course meets occupational education credit requirements.

Career & College Readiness Program

Running Start

The Running Start Program allows Juniors and Seniors to attend community and technical colleges while still enrolled high school. Qualified students can take college courses and apply the credits toward high school graduation and toward potential college degrees. Tuition is paid by the Northshore School District. Running Start students are still required to work with Inglemoor to meet additional graduation requirements such as the SBAC and High School and Beyond Plan.

Running Start Informational Presentation
IHS Running Start Agreement Form
Running Start Enrollment Verification Form

IMPORTANT: Students who attend IHS on a waiver will need to return to their home high school in order to access the Running Start program.

Current Running Start Students
In the Career Center at IHS, there are yellow folders for all of our Running Start students. This is where you can pick up handouts and other information that was distributed to all students. Please stop by on a regular basis to pick up your "mail" and keep up with everything that is happening at Inglemoor.
Note: You are still responsible for completing the HSPE, EOC, and/or Smarter Balanced exams and the High School and Beyond Plan. Links with information and downloads are below. 

Schedule Changes

Our new registration process for the 2019-20 school year will eliminate any need to adjust schedules in the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

Choices made by students during registration are considered to be final. Offered courses and school staffing are based on the decisions students make during the registration process. However, schedule changes may be made on a limited basis for the following reasons:

  • A graduation requirement must be added
  • A student does not have the skills to continue in a year-long class
  • Administrative withdrawal is requested
  • Incomplete schedule
  • Duplicate classes/obvious errors
  • IEP/ELL placement issues

Any schedule change that does not meet these criteria is subject to administrative approval.


Lori Dougherty
Counseling Office Manager

Becky Goodman