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IHS Boys Basketball Team
IHS Boys Basketball Team
IHS Boys Basketball Team

Important Dates

2018-2019 Basketball Season Starts
November 18th
Mandatory Parent Meeting
November 26th 2019 at 7:00pm
In the gym at Inglemoor High School

Inglemoor Boys Basketball Player Meeting

1. Register for winter sports on the school’s athletic site and get cleared or you can’t tryout.

2. First practice is:

Monday, Nov 12th - 10 am (non-school day)
Tuesday, Nov 13th - 6 pm
Wednesday. Nov 14th - 3 pm (first cut)
Thursday, Nov 15th - 3:30 pm (second cut)
Friday. Nov 16th - 3:30 pm
Saturday, Nov 17th 11 am

3. Open gyms are Oct 25, Nov 1, Nov 8 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

4. Be on time to all practices and meetings.
5. Follow the school athletic code.
6. Do well in class.

7. Generally I only keep seniors who are in the top 8 or 9 rotation of players on the team
8. You earn a Varsity letter if you make Varsity.

9. We do practice over vacations.

10. Players who weren’t in the program last year, sophs, juniors, seniors and all 9th graders; wear a t-shirt with your last name on the back during tryouts.

11. Come in shape. We will run.
12. We will make a first cut on Wednesday and a last cut on Thursday. 13. There are 3 teams: Varsity, JV, and C.
14. Do your best, that is all anyone can ask.

15. Evaluation criteria for tryouts: Here are things that the coaches are looking for:

Character- being a good teammate, work ethic, team first attitude, how hard you play defensively- pressuring the ball and passing lanes consistently, ability to screen and cut in our motion offense, ability to reverse the ball and move the ball to an open teammate, athletic ability, shooting ability, rebounding ability, ball handling ability, are you a competitor and how do you deal with adversity, how coachable are you, how dedicated are you to teamwork.

All registration needs to be complete through FinalForms to be eligible to participate 


Head Coach

Greg Lowell



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