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The purpose of National Honor Society shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.

Click through the pages below for information on NHS- our Officers, hours opportunities, and important, non-negotiable dates and deadlines.

January 2020 Update/Reminders:

January 20, 2020: Hours forms won't be processed for about 2 weeks. We are currently running lists of everyone who paid and everyone who filled out the application online. Those lists will be posted outside of 915 sometime this week for you to check. If you contacted Ms. Richards regarding hours or any issues you had with completing them, keep in mind that she is on maternity leave until Monday 28th- and with so many emails, she won't be addressing NHS stuff until later that week, at the earliest. We will run a GPA check after final grades are posted and if you didn't make the 3.5 cumulative GPA we will notify you. 

We have had discussions on what to do with a small number of students (less than 30) who had signed up for the gymnastics event last week that was canceled because of the snow on Wednesday. Those students who had signed up and were confirmed (Ms. Richards has the sign up list) and still need those hours to met the Jan 17th deadline will have 4 weeks/1 month (so.....3pm on Feb 14th, 2020) to make them up. If you are one of that small group of students and haven't already done so, you must contact MS. Richards ASAP to notify her. She will then cross-reference your name on her list. 

If the completed Valhalla hours forms are not submitted to Ms. Richards by that deadline (again, FEB 14, 2020 AT 3PM), those students will be ineligible for membership in NHS this year. Keep an eye on Instagram and the school website for Valhalla events to sign up for- this extension is final and there will be no exceptions made regardless of circumstances. Again- this is ONLY for students who had signed up for the gymnastics event AND have contacted Ms. Richards regarding it


Yes, you can submit all your hours now, you don't have to only submit half. Half is the minimum for this deadline. The rest are due by the March deadline.

No, we have no other Valhalla opportunities that aren't posted- we have a few pending approval and will get them posted as they get approved, but as is stated many places, we don't create new opportunities right before the deadline for those who didn't get their hours done earlier. 

Nope, we don't make exceptions or give extensions on the deadlines for hours or any part of the application process.

Yes, we periodically post a list of student numbers that have successfully filled out the google form online- look outside of 915. Be careful to note the timestamp- if it was printed BEFORE you submitted your application, your number won't be on the list yet. No, Ms. Richards won't go in to check for you individually- you will get a confirmation email via your school gmail if you submit successfully.

No, we can't check that your hours forms got accepted or accounted for yet. Ms. Richards is on maternity leave until the end of January. Hours forms will be processed and posted at that point. 

No, you don't need to submit your payment stub for the application fee- Ms. Richards will get that verification directly from the Cashier.

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