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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the employment outlook for careers in the event industry?

Please visit this link from th US Department of Labor for the latest update:

How can I apply for this event planning course?

  • If you are a student at Inglemoor High School , sign up for the class through the regular registration process.
  • If you are a student at Secondary School for Success , Woodinville High School or Bothell High School , sign up for the class using the satellite class application form. 
  • If you go to any other high school , please visit the following site for an explanation about the application process and to access the application:

What are the benefits the students will gain by taking this course?

  • Vocational Education Credit (Graduation requirement)
  • Business English Credit (NCAA Approved and fulfills one of the four years of English for state graduation requirements)
  • Twelve (12) transferable College Credits (B average (85%) in course or better) 
  • Exposure to the Industry Professionals and Standards
  • Opportunity to earn Microsoft Word Certification and/or Microsoft PowerPoint Certification

At what time does this course start?

Inglemoor High School is on a modified "block" schedule.  The times of the course are noted below for the corresponding days of the week.

Please talk to your instructor regarding your school's schedule to see if there is a possibility for adjustments in expected attendance times.

What type of student would be most successful in this course?

This course is designed for high school juniors and seniors who are…

  • People and service oriented
  • Organized and detailed oriented
  • Creative thinkers
  • Flexible problem solvers
  • Leaders, listeners, followers
  • Team player who can work as an individual

How is the course designed to help students wishing to pursue this area of study after high school? 

This  course's design complies with the federal requirement of identifying and addressing current or emerging occupational opportunities.  In  like manner, the focus of this course's design is to incorporate and align secondary and post-secondary education, which may include the opportunity for secondary students to acquire post-secondary credits, leading to an industry-recognized credential or certificate at the post-secondary level (i.e. Certified Special Events Professional [CSEP], Certified Meeting Planner [CMP], Certified Meeting Manager [CMM]) , or an associate of arts degree  or baccalaureate of arts degree.

Can I use the Business English Credit from this class to apply to a four year university?

Yes!  This English credit is viewed by four year colleges and universities as one of your four years of required English.  It is important that the other three years of English are taken in traditional English literature/writing courses.

How can this course help the students with their culminating project needed for high school graduation?  

Both the industry related portion of this course and the Business English portion of this course provide the core skills needed to successfully operate in the Twenty-First Century. This course's design can facilitate the students' desire to use this subject as their focus for their culminating project in meeting the graduation requirement in Washington State by addressing the state's goals for this project:

  • Encourage students to think analytically, logically and creatively and to integrate experience and knowledge to solve problems.
  • Give students a chance to explore a topic in which they have a great interest.
  • Offer students an opportunity to apply their learning in  "real world" situations.