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Course Overview

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Event Planning

Event Planning Course Overview       

There are nine focus areas of study:

  • Theory of Event Management
  • Anatomy of an Event
  • Operations of an Event
  • Event Administration
  • Event Coordination
  • Hospitality
  • Event Marketing and Tourism Considerations
  • Legal, Ethical & Risk Management
  • Technology
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Student event planning

Students will study...

  • current industry standards, trends and practices.
  • project management skills
  • relevant technology skills
  • how to design, organize and produce real events 

Case studies, guests speakers and innovative projects will round out the event planning part of the course.

Please expand the "Business English" information tab below, to learn more about how reading, writing and communication skills are incorporated into all areas of the course.

Employability Skills Taught

  • Observing and analyzing the interaction between people, the environment and the culture.
  • Using technology, organizational and social systems to methodically work toward a goal.
  • Analyzing the needs of the target audience, situation and setting to adjust communication strategies.
  • Using listening and questioning skills to determine how to turn ideas into real experiences.
  • Acting proactively to identify potential challenges and create solutions with organizational tools.
  • Recognizing the arts as a source of inspiration for ideas to enhance systematic, creative and analytical thinking.