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Business English

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Business English Curricular Overview

Welcome to this page regarding the Business English component of the Event, Hospitality and Tourism Management course.  My goal is to answer that nagging question... "What is this English course and how rigorous is it?" 

I have included three  English course documents as subcategories tabs to this page for you to examine.  These documents are included to give an overview of the college preparatory Business English portion of this event management course.  You will see the core of English skills taught in this Career and Technical Education course with a focus on industry standards for planning event experiences and  for conducting industry-related business within a global community.  The following link is a sample Business English Unit  pdf document for this English course.      

The question may arise "How did the instructor accomplish such a task in a comprehensive manner?"  To answer that question, I invite you to read the "About the Instructor" page of this website to learn more about my background and training.
If you have further questions about the Business English portion of this course, do not hesitate to contact me at 425.408.7264 or at

Again, thank you for taking a closer look at this course.

Geoffrey Gilmore