The Activity Coordinator/ASB Advisor can be reached before school, during lunches or after school in the ASB office (located in the Student Center next to the ASB Bookkeeper's office).

Feel free to email us at or call us at 425-408-7226.


2018-19 Clubs

IHS Club Choices

Black Clubs

9/24, 10/8, 10/22, 11/19, 12/3, 1/7, 2/4, 2/25, 3/11, 3/25, 4/15, 4/29, 5/13, 6/3

Active Club Stewart / McLaurin Field
Art Club Ellis 404
Astronomy Coglon Planetarium
Black Student Union Walker 301
Chess Club Haining 717
Class of 2019 Officers Westerbeck 122
Class of 2020 Officers Levine Student Center
DECA Pakinas 211
Flat Mars Society Metz 908
Four Square K.Richards Courtyard
German Movie Club Kanning 701
Japanese National Honors Society Nasu 714
Jazz Choir Newhall 303
JSA deGorgue Great Hall
Math Anderson 819
MUN McQueen 905
National Honor Society L.Richards 915
ONE Emery 912
Scandia Editors Mills 402
Science Olympiad Prasad / Gutting 804
Theater Studies Bliss 118
TSA (Technology Students of America) D & K Allemeier Library

Gold Clubs

10/1, 10/15, 10/29, 11/26, 12/10, 1/14, 2/11, 3/4, 3/18, 4/1, 4/22, 5/6, 5/20, 6/10 

Active Club Stewart / McLaurin Field
Astronomy Coglon Planetarium
Chinese Club Haining 716
Crochet Ellis 404
Earth Corps Black 809
GSA Stevens / Stratton / Chisholm  Faculty Room
Faithline Lund 902
Fashion Club Emmons 901
Film Club K. Allemeier 121
French Club Grohn 801
Fun Club Lima 104
German Club Officers Kanning 701
Guitar and Bass deGorgue 703
Hacky Sack Mills Gym
HOSA Lee 904
Jazz Choir Newhall 303
Key Club Raines 804
LaunchX ML 925
Robotics Donnelly 602
Speech and Debate Walker 301
Thespian Society Bliss 118
Writing Club McCausland Library
Yoga Club Lewis Mat Room

Other Clubs

Girls Who Code Westerbeck Library - Wednesday after school
Science Olympiad Prasad / Gutting 804 - Thursday after school

Directions for Establishing an ASB Club/Activity

Directions for establishing an ASB Club/Activity

In order to become an ASB sanctioned club or activity, you must to each of the following:

  1. Fill out the attached ASB Official Club/Activity form, that indicates that you MUST:
    • Have 6 students with ASB cards actively interested in starting and participating in the club.
    • Have a faculty advisor who is willing to attend all club meetings and functions and their signature.
    • Have indicated meeting days, times, and places as well as having a written mission statement and written goals and objectives.

(Note that the “ASB Official Club/Activity” forms can be found online or in the ASB office)

  1. Submit the completed application form to the IHS ASB Mailbox in the main office or to the ASB office in the student center. From there it will be picked up by the IHS ASB and taken to the next ASB Exec meeting for discussion.
  2. Have your Club President attend a scheduled ASB Exec meeting in order to present your proposed club to the executive team. This action is required and also explained on the Club form.
  3. If approved by the ASB executive board, the club will be submitted to the Staff Leadership team for approval.
  4. If approved by the Staff Leadership team, the club will be submitted to the next ASB general meeting for ASB approval. 
  5. All clubs are required to create and turn in a Club Constitution/Bylaws to the ASB within 1 month of approval. 
  6. All clubs are required to create a complete contact info sheet of all their members within 1 month of approval. This must include: name, student number, grade, ASB card purchased, phone number & email address. Also, please note officers and titles/positions.
  7. All clubs must keep minutes of all activities they participate in and funds that are spend, brought in or donated. Minutes need to be turned in with all purchases for approval. A blank minutes form is available on the ASB website or in the ASB office. 
  8. All clubs must turn in a Budget form in the spring for a plan of spending for the following year. This is a plan for your expenses, spending, revenue, and notes for carry-over funds.



Activities Director

Elisabeth Kowalski

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