International Baccalaureate (IB)

The IB Diploma Program at Inglemoor High School is open to all Northshore School District students as well as all area students who complete the waiver process. The IB Program at Inglemoor provides an opportunity for students to take classes that have all the rigor and expectations found in private school courses while allowing these students to take advantage of the diversity of activities and leadership positions available at a large comprehensive high school. Over 15% of Inglemoor students are seeking the IB Diploma and over 50% are involved in one or more IB classes. At Inglemoor we are proud of the fact that our students have the opportunity to explore their individual strengths in an environment that supports achievement in all areas and disciplines.

Current IB Subjects Offered

The following is a program list of IB classes offered at Inglemoor:


  • Biology HL
  • Physics HL
  • Chemistry SL
  • Design & Technology SL
  • Sports, Exercise and Health SL
  • Environmental Systems and Society SL

World Languages

  • Spanish B HL
  • Spanish B SL
  • French B HL
  • French B SL
  • Japanese B SL
  • German B SL
  • Mandarin SL
  • Mandarin ab initio*


  • Mathematics HL
  • Mathematics SL (Calculus)
  • Math Studies SL


  • English A1 HL
  • History of Americas HL


  • Psychology SL
  • Business & Management SL
  • Computer Science SL
  • Film SL
  • Visual Arts SL
  • Visual Arts HL

The IB Application Process

Students must fill out an application in February of 8th grade to participate in 9th grade pre-IB courses at Inglemoor High School. The “Pre-IB Statement of Interest” is available at each Northshore School District middle school, from the IB office at Inglemoor High School, or on the Inglemoor website. Test scores are not used for IB participation. Preference is given to students who have at least a 3.2 GPA. We recognize that many capable students have not performed well enough up to this point and that their grades may not reflect ability. An interview with the student, parents, and the IB Coordinator at Inglemoor High School may be required for any student who is interested in IB with less than a 3.2 GPA.

Application Timeline:
  • January - February: Waiver/Variance process
  • January: IB Statements of Interest available at each junior high in Northshore, on-line at the Inglemoor High School web site (, or in the IB office at Inglemoor
  • February 28: IB Information Night for all interested parents and students: Northshore Performing Arts Center, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
  • March 14: IB Day at Inglemoor High School for interested 8th grader waiver students
  • March 21: IB Statements of Interest due

General Information

Questions / Answers about IB

How is IB different from an honors class?

The IB course is significantly more challenging than an honors course, both in content and assessment. Course assessment is prescribed and graded by international examiners. IB courses may earn college credit for students and, therefore, are taught and paced at a more advanced level than all other high school classes.

What if a student lives outside of the Inglemoor High School service area?

If you are an in-district transfer, starting in January of the 9th grade year, an “In-District Attendance Waiver Application” may be requested at the student’s junior high. The request needs to be completed and returned to the Office of Student Services. The waiver requests permission to attend Inglemoor. The out-of-district student must initiate the process by seeking an attendance variance from the home school district. It must be filled out according to that district’s requirements and sent to Northshore School District Office of Student Services.

Is there time for an IB student to participate in school sports, activities, or a job?

Many IB students successfully complete the IB Program as well as participate in sports and activities. An IB student will find it necessary to study at least two to three hours daily for class preparation. For the active student, time management will be crucial.

Can a student take classes other than those in the IB Program if he/she is a full diploma candidate?

Yes, if the student has enough time and room in their schedule.

How much does it cost?

The full diploma fee is between $800 and $900. Funding through a federal program reimburses 90% of the cost of exams for eligible students.

Can my child still get into the IB Program without having taken all the suggested Pre-IB coursework?

We make every effort to accommodate all interested students. Some students may be required to take additional courses during the summer in order to prepare for the IB Program.

How are IB students selected?

Students are required to fill out an “IB Statement Interest” in the 9th grade. The program is open to all students who wish to step up to the challenge. The IB Coordinators monitor the progress of all IB students and will meet with students that struggle academically to discuss their course of study.

Is a student required to do the full IB Diploma?

We encourage all interested students to consider the full IB Diploma because of its unique structure and preparation for a solid foundation in all areas of knowledge. However, this is not a requirement and a student may enroll in one or more IB courses.

Are IB students required to take the IB examinations?

While we cannot require the fees for assessment, we strongly encourage every IB student to participate in this aspect of the program.

Categories of Recognition

IB Diploma:

Six IB classes, TOK, Extended Essay, Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Hours: 150 CAS hours are earned during the 11th and 12th grade years.

IB Certificate of Merit:

Four or more IB classes including assessments. 

IB Certificate Student:

One to three IB classes including assessments.
Students are recognized at the end of the senior year with awards, a listing in the newspaper, honor cords at graduation, and acknowledgement at graduation.

*IB Diploma students have priority enrollment in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class.

Prospective Students

Student Application Process for Pre-IB Students 

Students interested in taking four or more pre-IB classes in grades 9 must fill out the Pre-IB Statement of Interest.

Participation in pre-IB classes is required. (Any exception will be dealt with on an individual basis.) The pre-IB courses build writing and analytical thinking skills and provide challenging course work to form a solid foundation for the IB diploma program in the 11th and 12th grades. 

The basic pre-IB courses are the following:

  • pre IB World History
  • pre IB English 
  • pre-IB Advanced Algebra/trig
  • pre-IB Biology/Chemistry
  • second year French, German, Japanese or Spanish

An increase in outside of class reading is essential, as are outstanding study habits and time-management skills.

The following items are to be returned as your pre-IB application package

  1. The Statement of Interest found below
  2. A written response to the prompt provided on the student information form
  3. Your 3-year or 4-year plan of classes
  4. Signatures

Please keep a copy of your course selections. These forms will not register you for classes. The registration process takes place at the junior highs in March.

Return these items to:

Amy Monaghan and Chris McQueen, IB Coordinators
Inglemoor High School
15500 Simonds Road NE
Kenmore, WA 98028

Phone: (425) 408-7355

Current Students

IB Extended Essay

The Extended  Essay (E.E.) is a 4,000 word research paper completed the IB student's Junior and Senior years. The student will research a chose topic and a question within that topic.

IB College

General Information and Links about College and the College Application Process can be found in the Career Center.

IB Examinations and College Credit

Postsecondary institutions vary greatly in how they recognize IB examinations and scores. Students and parents may want to investigate individual college and university policies. The IB website has a tool that is useful in searching specific institutions. The University of Washington provides a detailed description of their policies.


Levels of IB Recognition


Some schools have a "clean transcript" policy. These schools may allow IB test scores to qualify students for placement in higher level courses, but these schools do not offer any credit for work completed before enrollment. Princeton University is an example of a school with this policy.

Many schools will give credit for IB HL exams with a score of 5, 6, or 7. These credits may be limited. Whitman College will grant credit but does not allow these credits to apply towards distribution requirements (the college equivalent of graduation requirements). 

Many schools allow their individual departments to make decisions regarding credit. Seattle University treats each subject differently and will even grant credit for some SL tests. Bowdoin College grants credit only after completion of further coursework in a specific department.

Some schools grant credit for individual exams as well as granting credit for the IB Diploma itself. Although this is the most generous policy and these schools are rare, there is some evidence to indicate that the trend is moving in this direction. The University of Washington adopted this policy for the freshman beginning in the Fall of 2006.

Letters of Recommendation

Many private schools require letters of recommendation. Typically they will ask you to have two teachers complete letters describing your qualities as a student in their class. They will also ask a counselor or school official to complete what is called a "School Report", which often also includes a letter assessing your overall academic, extracurricular and personal accomplishments.

Many IB teachers at Inglemoor will ask you to submit your requests in a large manilla envelope. They may supply you with this envelope which will include a COVER SHEET, an INSTRUCTION SHEET, and a SELF-ASSESSMENT Form. You are welcome to download these documents and use them when requesting letters.

IB Assignment Instructions


IB Coordinators

Chris McQueen
Amy Monaghan

Phone Number