Highly Capable Services

Highly Capable Services are designed for students identified through cognitive testing and academic performance. We provide services and programs for students whose needs are beyond the scope of the general education classroom. Services are designed to provide challenging, integrated, and enriched curriculum.

Students are identified for Highly Capable services in a two step process, universal screening and assessment.

For more information, visit the district's Highly Capable Services page.

In-Class Services

In grades 9-12, services are provided at the student's neighborhood school through AP, IB, Career & College Readiness, and College in the High School classes. Services may include:

  • Clustering identified students in a classroom to provide a peer group
  • Adjusting pacing, reducing review and repetition, curriculum compacting
  • Enhanced/Enriched content or curriculum
  • Differentiation of curriculum and instruction
  • Extending content to include rigorous problems or projects

Frequently Asked Questions