Advanced Placement (AP)

AP classes are rigorous academic courses designed for students who are college bound. There is no placement test for AP. Students self-select these courses and should be prepared to work at a college-level pace. At the end of the course, the student is expected to take the AP exam.

AP exams are highly recognized by colleges and universities with regard to a student's preparation for the demands of college courses. AP exams present an opportunity for college credit and/or higher placement in college courses. Each college decides which AP exam grades it will accept for credit or placement.

The AP exams are offered to Northshore School District students in May of each year. The registration for the exams is from the end of February through the end of March.

AP Exam Locations & Testing Information - 2020
2020 AP Exam locations & policies regarding testing and alternate testing dates are TBD.

AP Exam Registration
The AP exams are offered to Northshore School District students in May of each year. The process for registering for AP exams has changed significantly this year. Registration and payment options without late fees of $40/per test will close Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 11:59pm. See dropdown menus below for the specific process. Please also refer to the PDF AP Exam Registration Information sheet by clicking the resource below.

AP Exam Registration Information Sheet 

AP Exam Registration Presentation

AP Exam Window Attendance Policy
In order to honor the hard work and dedication that has brought students to the final stage of taking an AP Exam, students will receive an all-day school-related absence on their exam day(s). Students should talk to their teachers regarding the work they will miss on the day of their exam, and are welcome to attend all classes that are outside of their testing window. If they are unable to return to school after their exam, or do not attend school prior to their exam, the absence will be marked as school-related. This will allow students the flexibility to prepare and recover from the exam, and attend the classes that cannot be missed.

AP Classes at IHS

AP English Language and Composition 11

AP English Language and Composition is a college level course that cultivates critical thinking through examining a wide variety of readings. Structurally, the course will adhere to the prescribed tenets of the AP English Language and Composition course requirements. The focus of the wide variety of close reading, discussions and written responses (20 essays minimum) will be the literal what of the text, the techniques of style underlying the how and the timeless, universal connections of why.

AP English Literature and Composition 12

The AP English Literature and Composition course is designed to engage students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature. Through the close reading of selected texts, students can deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure for their readers. As they read, students should consider a work’s structure, style, and themes, as well as such smaller-scale elements as the use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and tone.

AP Statistics

This course is designed for serious math students planning later study in engineering, psychology, science, sociology, business, or mathematics. Course covers college level statistics and intends to prepare students to take the Advanced Placement Exam given by College Board. Topics include exploring data, planning a study, anticipating patterns, and statistical inference.

AP United States History 11

The AP program in United States History is designed to provide students with analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in United States history. This program prepares students for immediate and advanced college courses by making demands upon them equivalent to those of full-year introductory college courses. This accelerated survey course will cover topics from the Age of Discovery to the present. Students who enroll in the course will be expected to be highly motivated, willing to accept academic challenges and capable of moving at a fast pace. It is expected that AP US History students will take the AP exams in May.

AP U.S. Government and Politics 12

This class involves both the study of broad, general concepts of the United States political system as well as the analysis of specific case studies. Basic concepts include Constitutional basis of US government, political ideals and behaviors, the political party system, institutions of the national government, public policy, and civil rights/liberties. This course is designed for a serious, college bound student.

AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science is open to all students. The class will provide students with an understanding of the scientific principles that govern interrelationships in the natural world. Important environmental issues will be explored and the comparative risks of known and potential problems will be evaluated. Specific focus on finding solutions to current and future challenges will be highlighted. This course meets college entrance requirements for an algebra-based science.

AP World History

This is a college level yearlong course designed to develop greater understanding of global history; the study of human interactions and their consequences throughout history. This class begins its study in ancient history and ends with an investigation of present day global relations. Students who successfully complete the course will be prepared to pass the AP World History exam, which will enable them to earn college credit.

AP Human Geography

This course introduces students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of Earth’s surface. Students learn to employ spatial concepts and landscape analysis to examine human socioeconomic organization and its environmental consequences. They also learn about the methods and tools geographers use in their research and applications. In addition, this course will focus on reading, writing, and study skills to help prepare students to be successful in high school and beyond. AP Human Geography addresses the Common Core State Standards for History, prepares students for the Smarter Balanced State Assessments, and establishes the skills necessary for a successful progression of learning to the next grade level of Social Studies course work.

AP Scores: How to Access

College Board will make AP scores available to students online in July via the AP scores website.

In order for a student to access their scores, they will need to follow these steps.

At Exam Time:

  • Students should fill in AP answer sheets carefully and consistently at exam time to prevent delays in score access.
  • Name, date of birth, sex, mailing address, and email address are especially important.

Before July:

  • If a student hasn't already, sign up for a College Board account on the student AP scores website. as early as possible.
  • Students must have THEIR OWN account to access their scores (parents must not create an account for their student).
  • It’s best to provide the same information on your College Board account and your AP answer sheet.
  • Some students may already have an account, particularly if they’ve registered for the PSAT, SAT, or participated in other College Board programs.
  • Students should confirm this by signing in.
  • Students must remember the following required login information to access scores:
    • College Board account username and password
    • 2019 AP number (or student ID number if they provided it on their AP answer sheet)

In July:

  • Students will receive a reminder email from the College Board
  • Log on to to get their scores

Other Helpful Video Tips: 

The College Board also has the following videos available to help understand the process for accessing scores:

  • AP Students – Get Ready for AP Scores: Video.
  • How to Get Your AP Scores: Video

AP Exam Registration & Payment

AP exams will take place pursuant to the College Board's May 2020 AP exam schedule, May 4-8 and May 11-15.

IHS student AP exam registration and payment is online only and contains two separate parts through CollegeBoard's MyAP account and Total Registration

  • Part 1: Students must pay for their AP tests via Total Registration. Registration/payment are accepted at
    • Tests not paid for will not be ordered


  • Part 2: Students will use their AP Classroom Join Codes (found in the resource below) to commit to the AP test. Students will need to login or create a personal College Board account to join their AP Class Section. Please visit: for more information.

AP Classroom Join Codes - 2020

Online registration runs through 11:59 p.m. on October 31 ($104 per exam)

  • Exams ordered or cancelled after October 31 will incur a $40/test fee. The final date to order a test is March 6.
  • Students in need of financial support should contact their counselor before October 25.
  • Students requiring 504 or IEP testing accommodations should see their counselor before November 15.

Exams are not offered to students outside of our district.

Questions? Contact Shawn Rainwater at 

AP Exams Not Offered through IHS

  • Music Theory
  • Italian Language and Culture
  • Latin
  • AP Capstone
  • AP Seminar
  • Physics C Mechanics
  • Physics C E & M 
  • European History
  • Comparative Government and Politics 

Exam Cost Reduced for Low-Income Families

Students who qualify for free or reduced-fee lunch will have no fee for their exams. 

Students need to notify their assigned counselor by October 31st for their exams to be ordered with no fee attached.

IB & Other Testing Conflicts

As IHS offers both AP and IB examinations in May students who are taking IB exams will need to check to see what testing conflicts they will run into during their registration. IB exams will have NO alternate testing dates. IHS will offer alternate testing dates for AP exams. These specific testing dates can be found at the following webpage:

ap alternate testing schedule (to be added)

All students that are taking both AP and IB tests need to consult the IB & AP Testing schedule to identify any conflicts in testing dates. If there is a conflict that is discovered between a student's AP and IB testing they will need to indicate on their AP registration that they would like to test during the alternate testing dates. Please consult the following IB and AP testing schedule to identify conflicts.

testing Schedule to be Posted soon

AP Test Schedule - Spring 2019


AP Testing Coordinator

Mr. Shawn Rainwater

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